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You won’t spend big to win big with JP Dixon

Time and again we’ve seen real estate agents take too much and give too little. And frankly, we’re tired of it. At JP Dixon, we’re pulling back the curtains to show you what’s really happening – and how we’re putting a stop to it.

What’s vendor paid advertising?

When you spend money to advertise your home, that’s vendor paid advertising.

And if you choose any other real estate agency, you can expect to spend thousands on your campaigns – which is money down the drain if your home doesn’t sell.

These other agencies will also ask you for a substantial cheque upfront. Why? So your money is secured before they start – and in case they fail.

What’s wrong with vendor paid advertising?

Vendor paid advertising ensures that your agents still get paid to list your property – even if it doesn’t sell.

It also means that these agencies receive greater brand exposure at your expense. That’s right. Your advertising dollars are promoting a lot more than your home. They’re promoting your agent.

By paying upfront, you’ll also feel more committed to sell with that agent. And you’ll feel more compelled to accept a lower price just to cover your hefty outlay.

Why do agents benefit when you spend big on advertising?

Did you know that many real estate agencies have a share in the advertising outlets you spend with?

So it’s no surprise that the more you spend with these outlets, the more the directors of these agencies make – and the happier they are. Sadly though, this arrangement is very rarely transparent to vendors.

What’s more, the higher your advertising spend the higher their brand exposure. No wonder these agents love it when you spend big to advertise your home.

Why is it different with JP Dixon?

JP Dixon won’t tell you to spend thousands or ask for cheques upfront. Instead, we achieve the best prices with affordable marketing strategies that work time and again. We’re also fairer and more flexible with our fees and policies.

That’s exactly how our vendors sell $15M homes on $5K budgets – not the $30K+ budgets that they might have spent elsewhere.

And have you ever seen our name at the centre of flashy advertising campaigns? We doubt it. Although this takes us out of the limelight, that’s the way we like it. We prefer to let our results speak for themselves.

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