Why us

Choose unique. Choose better.

As one of the most respected names in real estate, JP Dixon has been the go-to choice for vendors across Bayside and beyond for over 50+ years.

We’re leaders. Not followers.

As a unique agency, we have the freedom to be flexible. We challenge tradition. And we’ve redefined the sales experience for countless loyal vendors across Bayside and beyond.


Our approach has been different for over 50+ years – and the results speak for themselves. It’s therefore no surprise that more and more of the ‘big guys’ are now trying to follow suit.


When it comes to doing real estate differently, JP Dixon are true leaders.

We believe in no-frills marketing

Most other agents will tell you that you have to spend big to win big. But that’s simply not the case. After all, our numbers don’t lie.


In 2016, we sold more than 80% of our high-end Brighton homes (valued at $10M+) with minimal marketing and great success. We’ve even sold a number of $15M+ homes on budgets as low as $5K.


We’ve proven time and again that off-market sales – with next to no advertising – can result in extraordinary prices.


Learn more about our philosophy when it comes to vendor paid advertising.

We know Brighton and we love it.

Most members of the JP Dixon team have been living and selling in the Bayside area for years. We know the streets.


We know the homes. We know the people. And thanks to our strong buyer network in Bayside, we know exactly who to approach to achieve fast yet superior results for your home.


So if you’re looking for a team that’s as passionate about your suburb as you are, JP Dixon is for you.

Our sales agents are special

Okay, so this is the part where we may not sound all that different. After all, don’t all real estate agents claim to be honest, hardworking, respectful and ‘on your side’?


So we understand if you’re skeptical – especially if all those other agents have consistently let you down.


At JP Dixon, we stand by our promises. It’s why so many families across Bayside and beyond come back to us time and again. So why not pick up the phone and find out for yourself?

Ready to buy, sell or lease the better way?

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